Wavelet Technologies was founded in 1995 to exploit the mathematical work of Dr. Robert Hohlfeld and Dr. Guido Sandri.  The pair of physicists developed two novel wavelets, which have since been applied successfully to applications in digital signal processing (DSP), image processing, data compression, and problems in convolution algebra.

Today, we continue to drive innovation with our research and through collaboration with our capable client group.  We strive to help our clients improve their products and their competitive posture by 'going back' to the core of the mathematics and physics involved in the product.  This approach enables us to improve a product's performance, cost profile, capabilities, and value to the customer.  Applications of wavelets are still a strong area of expertise in our company, but we draw on a broader range of mathematics and physics to find the best possible solutions for the problems at hand.

Our engagements are designed to deliver valuable new intellectual property to enhance your competitive advantage through performance-based differentiation in the marketplace.  Our services are tailored to medical devices and radio frequency applications and we have an unparalleled commitment to the success of our clients. Most recently, we have added a new service area offering in quantitative finance, based on recent experience we have gained in the mathematical development of this discipline.

Dr. Hohlfeld, Chief Scientist of Wavelet Technologies, Inc., discussing a mathematical point with a colleague.