We focus on delivering superior consulting in four key service areas, which are described below.  These services illustrate our areas of expertise and can be applied to our four major industrial practices: Medical Devices, Radio Frequency Systems, General Industrial, and Quantitative Finance.

You will find a description of each service below.  

Research and Development

Wavelet Technologies provides tailored R&D support of your most critical research initiatives. We have a proven track record as embodied by the many issued and pending patients and published papers that have been authored by our scientists. We staff every R&D project expertly and 'lightly' by leveraging your staff scientists, engineers, and facilities whenever possible.  

The key to our approach is that our R&D projects rapidly evaluate the core mathematic and physical aspects of your problem. We work collaboratively, and therefore have an immediate impact on your existing product portfolio, while enhancing your product pipeline.  We focus on initiatives that create new intellectual property and build competitive differentiation.   

Key Benefits

  • Build intellectual property based competitive advantage.
  • Get an objective, expert opinion.
  • Reduce product risk, including regulatory risk (FDA, FCC).
  • Improve product performance and enhance product pipeline.
  • Initiate promising new research and build new capabilities.


  • Mathematical and Numerical Analysis
  • Simulation, including Electromagnetic and Acoustic Simulations
  • Algorithm Development
  • Genetic and Grammatic Evolution
  • Parallel and Cluster Computing
  • Laboratory for Physics and Electronics Projects
  • Parallel and Cluster Computing

Product Development

Wavelet Technologies has a proven track record of product development in medical devices, radio frequency systems, and in physical acoustics. We reduce product development cycle time by considering product regulatory issues (if relevant) from the very beginning. Our approach reduces operational and financial risk by identifying scientific, engineering, and financial (cost) risks at the beginning of product development. We have experience supporting 'green field' product development, as well as cost engineering and product improvement for existing projects.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce product develpment time.
  • Reduce product and project risk, minimize total product and project cost.
  • Streamline regulatory approval.
  • Build new intellectual property and competitive differentiation.


  • Electrical Design, Engineering
  • Algorithm Development
  • Product Prototyping
  • Antenna Design
  • Regulatory Planning (FDA or FCC)
  • Cost Engineering
  • Product Process Improvement
  • Project Management

Quantitative Finance

Wavelet Technologies' researchers have been working on problems in quantitative finance since 2006. Although at first blush quantitative finance may seem far-removed from our other practice areas, there is a strong common thread of mathematical content. We consider markets from the standpoint of information theory and using tools from DSP (digital signal processing) to find trading opportunities. Our extensive work in statistics drives much of our work in quantitative finance, but most importantly in the treatment of fat-tailed distributions.

Quantitative Finance Applications

  • Trading algorithms based on genetic and on grammatical evolution.
  • Extensions of logarithmic portfolio theory.
  • Analysis of financial time series.
  • Risk models incorporating non-Gaussian statistics.
  • Applications of wavelets for multi-scale analysis of financial time series.

Intellectual Property Services

Our scientists and engineers have extensive intellectual property and patent writing experience.  We can help you prepare your intellectual property in a cost-effective way before engaging specialist intellectual property services such as patent lawyers.

Gain pattern of antenna loaded by dielectric.