We list here some of the key papers written for a few of the Wavelet Technologies, Inc. practice areas. We regret that we cannot provide links to full text to some papers here due to copyright restrictions, but we have provided such links when possible and we encourage you to obtain copies of our work from the applicable copyright holders in the other cases when a full bibliographic listing is given.

Mathematics and Algorithm Papers (abridged listing)

  • Deconvolution of Noisy Gaussian Filters and Wavelet-Stabilized Antidiffusion, CVGIP: Graphical Models and Image Processing, 56, no. 6, pp. 433-441, by Konstantopoulos, C., Hohlfeld, R. G., and Sandri, G. v. H., 1994
  • Solution of Convolution Integral Equations by the Method of Differential Inversion, SIAM J. App. Math., 53, pp. 154-167, by Hohlfeld, R. G., King, J. I. F., Drueding, T. W., and Sandri, G. v. H., 1993 
  • Implementation of Particle-in-Cell Stellar Dynamics Codes on the Connection Machine-2, J. Supercomp., 7, 417-436, by Hohlfeld, R. G., Comins, N. F., Shalit, D., Shorey, P., and Giles, R. C., 1993
  • A Random Number Generator Based on the Logit Transform of the Logistic Variable, Compurters in Physics, 6, no. 6, Nov./Dec., p. 630-632, by Collins, J. J., Fanciulli, M., Hohlfeld, R. G., Finch, D. C., Sandri, G. v. H., and Shtatland, E. S., 1993
  • Application and Evaluation of a Differential Inversion Technique for Remote Temperature Sensing, Meteorol. Atmos. Phys., 41, 115-126, by King, J. I. F., Hohlfeld, R. G., and Kilian, J. C., 1989

Medical Devices Papers (abridged listing)

  • Traitement de Signaux Electrophysiologiques par Ondelettes, Techniques de I'Ingenieur, S 7 033, by Hohlfeld, R. G., Rajagopalan, Cadathur, and Neff, G. W., 2004
  • High Performance Imaging Algorithms for High Resolution Inspection, Proceeding for Sensors Expo, Helmers Publishing, Inc., pp. 301A-1,301A-8, by Hohlfeld, R. G., and Aggarwal, A., 1991

Antenna Design and Radio Frequency Technology Papers (abridged listing)

  • Genetic Optimization of Sparse, Frequency Invariant Arrays Using the HCR Principle, IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology, Waltham, MA Oct. 15, by Hohlfeld, R. G., and Cohen, N. L., 2003
  • Fractal Antenna Element Optimization Using a PC Cluster, Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics, by Alves, N., Crespo-Miranda, W., Fernedez, F., Santana, F., Hohlfeld, R. G., and Cohen, N. L., 2002
  • Self Similarity and the Geometric Requirements for Frequency Independence in Antennas, Fractals, 7, by Hohlfeld, R. G., and Cohen, N. L., 1999
  • Fractal Loops and the Small Loop Approximation, Communications Quarterly, 6, 77-81, by Cohen, N. L., and Hohlfeld, R. G., 1996
  • Parallel Computation Techniques for Phased Array Applications, Report to Air Force Electronic Systems Division, Hanscom Air Force Base, by Hohlfeld, R. G., Thompson, A. R., Giles, R. M., and Fang, T. M., 1988

Simulations (abridged listing)

  • The Use of Massively-Parallel Computers for the Numerical Simulation of FETS, MM(92) Conference Proceedings, Oct. 14-15, Brighton, UK, by Pucel, R. A., Sandy, F., Holway, L., and Hohlfeld, R. G., 1993

Quantitative Finance

White Papers and Selected Publications
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