Wavelet Technologies drives product innovation for leading medical devices and radio frequency systems companies developing applications with substantive mathematical content.  Our practice areas include medical monitoring devices, medical imaging, DSP, RFID, antenna design, optimization, electromagnetic simulation, computer architecture, computer modeling, and algorithms.   

We operate in a mode that best addresses the needs of our clients, either as a classical consultancy, working in client offices or laboratory facilities, or running a project in our own project laboratory and computer facilities.  Our strongest added value to you comes when we can bring cutting-edge mathematical methodologies to your problem, leading to a superior outcome for your company. 

Company News:

Wavelet Technologies has moved to new offices in Phoenixville, PA! For more information see our "Contact Us" page. Our email is unchanged, but our telephone is upgraded.

We have an ongoing project in medical device development with LifeCuff Technologies for software in their new technology for remote ischemic conditioning. The immediate application is for diabetic wound management. More information can be seen at their website www.lifecufftech.com

A new patent has been issued to Dr. Robert Hohlfeld, Wavelet Technologies' Chief Scientist, along with his research collaborators at Roche Hematology Diagnostics. Issued on June 27, 2017, and numbered 9,690,976, the patent is titled "Imaging Blood Cells" and is concerned with automated classification of white blood cells based on their images.